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Saturday Stupidity XXVI

A group of race horses were loafing around the stable one day when one of them began bragging about his racing record.

“Out of the last fifteen races, I’ve won ten,” he bragged.

“That’s pretty good,” said another, “but I’ve won nine out of the last twelve.”

“That’s nothing,” scoffed a third. “I’ve won nine out of the last ten races.”

As this was going on, a greyhound walked in. After listening to the horses boast, he growled, “You guys think you’re hot, but I’ve got you all beat. I’ve been undefeated this entire season!”

The horses were silent for a moment, looking at each other in amazement. Finally one of them spoke. “Incredible…” he said, amazement in his voice.

“I can’t believe it!” exclaimed another.

“Wow!” said the third. “A talking dog!”

2005-12-10 at 12:01 PM MT | |

Blogger Jonathan Moorhead sayth,

O, you got me, I laughed.

12/10/2005 4:20 PM