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Required Reading

Loki has given me permission to institute a new feature here at The Thirsty Theologian. In the left sidebar you will see the heading Required Reading. Under this heading we will post links to articles that are of critical importance and timeless relevance. Unlike the On the Web links, these will not slip out of view as new links are posted, but remain visible for eternity, or until this establishment closes, whichever comes first.

The first article in, and the inspiration for, this category is Do You Love Your Spouse? by Daniel of Doulogos. It is not about your marriage, although there is good food for thought in that area, also. Go read it. Go on, do it now. Other than your Bible, I doubt you will read anything more important today.

2005-12-28 at 2:30 PM MT | |

Blogger Daniel sayth,

The trouble with truth is that most of us while challenged by it, are never changed by it. How we would benefit from even one day of fasting and prayer - Good Gravy, most of us can't pray for more than ten minutes unless the congregation is there to listen.

I suspect that there is coming again a day when men will say "To God be the glory" and they won't be paying lipservice.

Thanks for the link - I almost didn't post it.

12/28/2005 3:36 PM  
Blogger ThirstyDavid sayth,

Too true, Daniel. It's easy to nod and say "Amen!" only to go on as we have before.

Regarding prayer, I admit I have difficulty with it. However, it doesn't get better before a group. In fact, I rarely will pray publicly. The fact is, it's quite obvious that most of the prayers I hear are for the benefit of a human audience. I try not to get too disgusted by that, because I am self-conscious myself and phrase my words with the surrounding people in mind. I hate that. I prefer the prayer closet, where no one but God is listening. But that's getting sidetracked.

I'm glad you did post it, it's very pastoral. The challenge is good even if most go on unchanged. I believe that is to be expected.

12/28/2005 4:07 PM  
Blogger centuri0n sayth,

Kjos gets to pick?

That's so wrong. Even if his first pick is a good one.

1/05/2006 11:10 AM