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Who am I? Why am I here?

Updated - see the bottom of this post.

“Who am I? Why am I here?”

Those immortal words were spoken by retired Admiral James Stockdale, running mate of Presidential candidate H. Ross Perot in 1992. That introduction was only the beginning of his ignominious performance in that infamous Vice-presidential debate. Those two sentences, and the entire debate, immediately became fodder for late-night television. Saturday Night Live, for whom Ross Perot was already a gift, featured a skit in which Perot drove Stockdale out into the country, got him out of the car on false pretenses, and drove away without him. Thus a man became the punch-line in the joke that was the Perot campaign. With that in mind, I begin this post with,

“Who am I? Why am I here?” or, what is the purpose of this blog? Unlike Admiral Stockdale, I am in control of this forum, so I can do what he never had the chance to do: actually answer the question. That does not guarantee that I will not appear foolish, but at least my foolishness will not be celebrated nationally.

As you may have noticed, there is very little original content on this blog. I intend to increase that, but the real value of The Thirsty Theologian will always be these two things: outgoing links and the writings of the Puritans and Reformers.

If you visit on a Sunday, you will find Puritan prayers, poetry, and hymns, followed by a Scripture reading from the Geneva Bible and an exposition by one of the Puritans or Reformers, or one of their theological descendants, such as Charles Spurgeon. I am also presently linking to Doug McHone’s study of the Heidelberg Catechism. There is an archive section containing all Lord’s Day posts.

I will occasionally post a list of historical events on their anniversary. This listing will be comprised of events of interest to me. This post is a good example of the variety of events I will comemmorate.

If you look at the top of the left column, you will see a heading that reads On the Web. This is where I link to articles that are of exceptional value. There will be the occasional link that is primarily entertaining, but most of them will represent the theological and political views of this establishment. These are the articles I would write if I was as smart and talented as I wish I was.

Lower in the left column you will see 2Corinthians 10:4-5. This is a collection of links to articles that address errors and heresies, and their sources. I have a lot more that I want to add to this section.

In the right column is my Blogroll. Every one of those links are to people who have earned my respect. None of them are there because they linked to me first. I hope none of them will link to me just because I linked to them. None of them are “buddy links,” although a couple of them have become friends who I would love to meet. They are there because they are worth reading most, if not all, of the time. They write the articles that make me say, “That’s good; I hadn’t thought of that,” or “That’s what I’m talking about!” Collectively, they are who I wish I was (This is not the time to admonish me about God's sovereignty and wisdom in creating me as he did. You know what I mean.).

Listed under Sermons & Lectures are the men to whom I owe my theology. They are the modern-day Puritans and Reformers who have shaped my thinking, or, more accurately, my way of thinking. More Links are miscellaneous useful websites that are not blogs or media ministries.

That is the extent of the quality content here. The rest is frivolity. On Saturday, I post a joke that is guaranteed to be both bad and clean. If it makes you groan, I have succeeded in my goal. As indicated at the top of the page, this is a pub, a place to stop in for relaxation, refreshment, and nourishment. I hope that the items on the menu will fulfill those purposes.


In my comments on my Blogroll, I stated that those whom I have linked are there because they have earned my respect, and are worth reading most, if not all, of the time. That is true. However, I did not mean to imply, as I might have, that those that I have not linked to are in some way inferior or objectionable. To my knowledge, no one has linked to me who I would object to or even strongly disagree with.

I realize I may be overestimating my importance by thinking that anyone cares anyway, but I just wanted to clear that up. See how sensitive I am? I love you all!

2005-11-23 at 12:30 PM MT | |

Blogger Carla sayth,

When I look at your blogroll and see some of the sharpest minds out there listed, I'm impressed. Then I see my blog listed and feel nothing but honor that you ever linked to me to begin with. It is indeed an honor to be mentioned among such great company (even if I don't always agree with all the folks on your blogroll, I still respect them and think highly of them).

Now you may chastise me for my horrid grammar. If you know of an editor that works cheap (read: free) send him or her my way, I have manuscript #3 on the go, and need help.)


11/24/2005 8:20 PM  
Blogger Loki Odinsson sayth,

You don't always agree with everyone on my blogroll? Well, keep writing. Maybe they'll come around.

11/24/2005 8:48 PM