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Lord’s Day 46, 2005

I reioyced, when they sayd to me, We wil go into the house of the Lord. Psalms 122:1, (Geneva Bible)

Worthy Is the Lamb
The Song of the Angels and Church Together
by Ralph Erskine (1685-1752)

Come, let us join our cheerful songs
with angels round the throne;
Ten thousand thousand are their tongues,
but all their joys are one.

“Worthy’s the Lamb that died,” they cry,
“O be exalted thus;”
“Worthy’s the Lamb,” our lips reply,
“for He was slain for us.”

He’s worthy to receive all pow’r,
and riches all beside,
Wisdom, and strength, and honor, glory,
and blessings on His head.

Power and dominion are His due,
though doomed at Pilate’s bar;
Wisdom belongs to Jesus too,
tho’ charged with madness here.

All riches are His native right,
who bore amazing loss:
To Him belongs eternal might,
who felt the weak’ning cross.

To Him be lasting honors paid
instead of shame and scorn,
While glory shines around His head,
a crown without a thorn.

He bore the curse for man that fell,
to Him be blessings given:
The Lamb that sap’d the gate of hell
hath gained the praise of heaven.

Thus angels crown their Lord, you see;
more sib to Him may sing:
“Worthy’s the Lamb, our kin, to be
our Prophet, Priest, and King.”

Proverbs 10 (Geneva Bible)

1 A wise sonne maketh a glad father: but a foolish sonne is an heauines to his mother.
2 The treasures of wickednesse profite nothing: but righteousnesse deliuereth from death.
3 The Lord will not famish the soule of the righteous: but he casteth away the substance of the wicked.
4 A slouthfull hand maketh poore: but the hand of the diligent maketh riche.
5 He that gathereth in sommer, is the sonne of wisdome: but he that sleepeth in haruest, is the sonne of confusion.
6 Blessings are vpon the head of the righteous: but iniquitie shall couer the mouth of the wicked.
7 The memoriall of the iust shalbe blessed: but the name of the wicked shall rotte.
8 The wise in heart will receiue commandements: but the foolish in talke shalbe beaten.
9 He that walketh vprightly, walketh boldely: but he that peruerteth his wayes, shalbe knowen.
10 He that winketh with the eye, worketh sorowe, & he that is foolish in talke, shalbe beaten.
11 The mouth of a righteous man is a welspring of life: but iniquitie couereth the mouth of the wicked.
12 Hatred stirreth vp contentions: but loue couereth all trespasses.
13 In the lippes of him that hath vnderstanding wisdome is founde, and a rod shalbe for the backe of him that is destitute of wisedome.
14 Wise men lay vp knowledge: but ye mouth of the foole is a present destruction.
15 The riche mans goodes are his strong citie: but the feare of the needie is their pouertie.
16 The labour of the righteous tendeth to life: but the reuenues of the wicked to sinne.
17 He that regardeth instruction, is in the way of life: but he that refuseth correction, goeth out of the way.
18 He that dissembleth hatred with lying lips, and he that inuenteth slaunder, is a foole.
19 In many wordes there cannot want iniquitie: but he that refrayneth his lippes, is wise.
20 The tongue of the iust man is as fined siluer: but the heart of the wicked is litle worth.
21 The lippes of the righteous doe feede many: but fooles shall die for want of wisedome.
22 The blessing of the Lorde, it maketh riche, and he doeth adde no sorowes with it.
23 It is as a pastime to a foole to doe wickedly: but wisedome is vnderstanding to a man.
24 That which the wicked feareth, shal come vpon him: but God wil graunt the desire of the righteous.
25 As the whirlewinde passeth, so is the wicked no more: but the righteous is as an euerlasting foundation.
26 As vineger is to the teeth, and as smoke to the eyes, so is the slouthful to them that send him.
27 The feare of the Lord increaseth the dayes: but the yeeres of the wicked shalbe diminished.
28 The patient abiding of the righteous shal be gladnesse: but the hope of the wicked shall perish.
29 The way of the Lord is strength to the vpright man: but feare shall be for the workers of iniquitie.
30 The righteous shall neuer be remooued: but the wicked shall not dwell in the land.
31 The mouth of the iust shall be fruitfull in wisdome: but the tongue of the froward shall be cut out.
32 The lips of the righteous knowe what is acceptable: but the mouth of the wicked speaketh froward things.

Today’s exposition
is brought to us by
Matthew Henry (1662-1714)

Hitherto we have been in the porch or preface to the proverbs, here they begin. They are short but weighty sentences; most of them are distichs, two sentences in one verse, illustrating each other; but it is seldom that there is any coherence between the verses, much less any thread of discourse, and therefore in these chapters we need not attempt to reduce the contents to their proper heads, the several sentences will appear best in their own places. The scope of them all is to set before us good and evil, the blessing and the curse. Many of the proverbs in this chapter relate to the good government of the tongue, without which men's religion is vain.

Proverbs 10:24-25

It is here said, and said again, to the righteous, that it shall be well with them, and to the wicked, Woe to them; and these are set the one over against the other, for their mutual illustration.

I. It shall be as ill with the wicked as they can fear, and as well with the righteous as they can desire.
  • 1. The wicked, it is true, buoy themselves up sometimes in their wickedness with vain hopes which will deceive them, but at other times they cannot but be haunted with just fears, and those fears shall come upon them; the God they provoke will be every whit as terrible as they, when they are under their greatest damps, apprehend him to be. As is thy fear, so is thy wrath, Psalm 90:11. Wicked men fear the punishment of sin, but they have not wisdom to improve their fears by making their escape, and so the thing they feared comes upon them, and their present terrors are earnests of their future torments.
  • 2. The righteous, it is true, sometimes have their fears, but their desire is towards the favour of God and a happiness in him, and that desire shall be granted. According to their faith, not according to their fear, it shall be unto them, Psalm 37:4.

II. The prosperity of the wicked shall quickly end, but the happiness of the righteous shall never end, Proverbs 10:25. The wicked make a great noise, hurry themselves and others, like a whirlwind, which threatens to bear down all before it; but, like a whirlwind, they are presently gone, and they pass irrecoverably; they are no more; all about them are quiet and glad when the storm is over, Psalm 37:10,36; Job 20:5. The righteous, on the contrary, make no show; they lie hid, like a foundation, which is low and out of sight, but they are fixed in their resolution to cleave to God, established in virtue, and they shall be an everlasting foundation, immovably good. He that is holy shall be holy still and immovably happy; his hope is built on a rock, and therefore not shocked by the storm, Matthew 7:24. The righteous is the pillar of the world (so some read it); the world stands for their sakes; the holy seed is the substance thereof.

Heidelberg Catechism for Lord’s Day 46 from CoffeeSwirls.

Grace and peace to you this Lord’s Day.

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