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It’s Monday

Well, it’s Monday again, time for another Malcontent post, but I am afraid I just do not have it in me to rant this morning. In fact, this just isn’t working out very well at all. My intention, as you know if you have been reading, was to unload my complaints right away on Monday morning and inaugurate the week with a new attitude. Those who know me might ask, is once a week sufficient? Those who know me might be astounded to learn that, when I actually take the time to think about my tribulations, I discover that I really do not have a great deal to complain about. If I did, ranting would not help much. The fact that complaining has any great cathartic effect is evidence that the complaint was pretty petty in the first place. Say that fast as many times as you can (pretty petty, pretty petty, pretty petty…).

That is not to say that I have given up ranting. I am quite sure I will rant again when the proper inspiration arises, but it is impossible to schedule a good, sincere, rant. The trouble is that one of the ingredients of a high-quality rant is spontaneity. Once one takes the time to think about the provocation of his outburst, it immediately begins to lose steam. Emotion subsides, and rationality takes over. A good rant is not recognized as a rant by the ranter until the ranting is done.

I am confidant that I will continue to be provoked to sporadic, spontaneous spouting off, but I just can not do it on schedule. So I am going to have to discontinue the Monday Malcontent posts. I am sorry, but I just do not have enough material. Life is good.

2005-11-07 at 1:00 PM MT | |

Blogger Mike Perrigoue sayth,

And what's even worse than trying to schedule your rant is reading a scheduled rant...because no one is fooled.

Thanks for discontinuing...and this was the first one I read.

I'll be back...nice hymn on the previous post.

11/08/2005 10:30 PM