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Life is unpredictable. You never know what will happen next, but you go through life expecting most things to work out. Usually, they do. You get up in the morning, have your coffee, kiss your wife, go about your daily business, yell at the kids, and go to bed. Life is good; but in the dark recesses of your mind there is a nagging fear. Things like that happen to other people, you tell yourself, not me! But it has happened to you. Now you must face the thing you have feared. Will you have the strength, the courage, and the wisdom to look adversity in the eye and stare it down? More importantly, will I ever stop beating around the bush and get to the point?

Yes, I will. Carla Rolfe has tagged me with a meme. Memes are silly. They are an utter waste of time. Worst of all, I don’t know how meme is pronounced. Is it mēm, as it is spelled, or mĕm? Or is it mēmē? Mĕmé, perhaps? What is the etymology of the word? Is it prudent to take part in an activity that is clouded by so many unanswered questions? Is it morally acceptable?

What of the other participants? Frank Turk was tagged, also. Do I want to risk being drawn into a blogwar over whose seven movies are better? Perhaps I should adopt a no-meme policy like Tim Challies. Who knows, it may be the secret to his success.

I need to take a break to ponder these questions.

O.K., I’m back. After much reflection, and several repetitions of The Prayer of Jabez, I have decided to participate this time. In the future I may go the Challies route. I’m ornerier than Tim, any day. This is for you, Carla, but only because you’re so convivial. But Mark my words, I’ll get you for this – and your little dog, too. So, here we go:

Seven Sevens

Seven things to do before I die:

1. Read an entire issue of TMS Journal and understand all of it
2. Watch Return to Me tearlessly
3. Meticulously organize all of my computer cords and cables
4. Clean my office
5. Put on my best suit
6. Close my eyes
7. Stop breathing

Seven things I cannot do:

1. Listen to Christian radio without becoming nauseous
2. Give birth
3. Get the last word with my wife
4. Blow smoke rings
5. Heal the lame
6. Raise the dead
7. Speak in tongues convincingly

Seven things that attract me to my husband:
This is North Dakota, not Massachusetts. I don’t have a husband. I’ll do seven things that attract me to my wife, if that’s alright.

1. Her work ethic
2. Her tolerance of me
3. She can tie a cherry stem in a knot with her tongue
4. Her eyes
5. Her smile
6. Her hands
7. The way she looks in those jeans

Seven things I say most often:

1. The sum of the square of the two sides equals the square of the hypotenuse.
2. Would you like some fresh ground pepper?
3. No, I don’t belong to Mensa.
4. What do you mean, you don’t get it?
5. Yes, I’m married. There, now, don’t cry.
6. Out of pickled herring? How is this possible?
7. Now that you mention it, yes, my wife is a saint. What’s your point?

Seven books (or series) I love:
These are fiction. It’s too hard to choose seven non-fiction books.

1. Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird
2. James Michener, Poland
3. Herman Melville, Moby Dick
4. Charles Dickens, Oliver Twist
5. Stephen King, The Green Mile
6. Tom Clancy, Red Storm Rising
7. Jean Bethell, The Monkey in the Rocket

Seven movies I would watch over and over again:

1. The Princess Bride
2. Bad Medicine
3. The Shootist
4. The Godfather
5. Ben Hur
6. Driving Miss Daisy
7. The Importance of Being Earnest

Seven people I want to join in, too:

Anyone who agrees with #1 under Seven things I cannot do.

2005-11-29 at 11:30 AM MT | |

Blogger Carla sayth,

ROFLOL... that was fun and you KNOW it! Go on, admit it. That was pretty cool that 2 GUYS who I never ever ever thought in a billion years would actually take me up on the meme (and I have no idea how it's pronounced), DID.

It must be my convivialisticness?... er, convivery?, conniverey? Sean Connery? I dunno...

But thanks for doing the meme. :-)

11/29/2005 2:07 PM  
Blogger Loki Odinsson sayth,

I will admit nothing. I'm more stubborn than you are convivial.


You're welcome.

11/29/2005 2:15 PM  
Blogger centuri0n sayth,

The Green Mile was good. I read it as a serial when it first came out. It should have been on my list.

As for being like Challies, that's over-rated. He's emot- ... wait! I DIDN'T SAY IT!


11/29/2005 4:45 PM  
Blogger Loki Odinsson sayth,

Excuse me, I have to go design my "I Blogged Frank Turk" T-shirts now.

11/29/2005 5:28 PM  
Blogger Carla sayth,

I'm telling Tim. Boy are YOU in for it, Frank.


11/29/2005 7:50 PM  
Blogger John Rush sayth,

I think you mean listening to Christian radio makes you "nauseated." If you are "nauseous" you make other people sick. Unless that's what you mean... (Some people claim that I make them sick... So I know how this feels.)

Hey! We have to be grammatically correct, don't we?

Don't we....?

JRush...the Nauseous
Tagged by Apoligia and
Working on my own 7x7.

12/07/2005 12:39 PM  
Blogger Loki Odinsson sayth,

Yes, John, we do. Thanks for the correction. I'm a bit of a grammar tyrant myself, although I'm not necessarily qualified to be.

12/07/2005 12:54 PM