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Saturday Stupidity XX

A young woman was preparing for her wedding. Forgetful by nature, she was afraid that she would forget something important. When the day arrived, she rose and immediately began mentally rehearsing the ceremony.

“First, I go down the aisle, stand at the altar, and listen to the wedding song.” She repeated this over and over, shortening it as the morning passed.

“Down the aisle, stand at the altar, wedding hymn.”

Finally, she had condensed it to the shortest phrase possible.

“Aisle, altar, hymn. Aisle, altar, hymn. Aisle, altar, hymn…”

2005-10-29 at 12:01 AM MT | |

Blogger Mike Perrigoue sayth,

Ha Ha! What timing...my wife and I just got back from a wedding a few hours ago. Quite funny.

Our 2 year old daughter was the flower girl. I think my wife was more stressed at this wedding than at her own. Those little 2-year-olds are mighty unpredictable! ; )

10/29/2005 2:03 AM