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Phil Offends

Sometimes, blog comments are more fun to read than the blog itself.

Yesterday, Phil Johnson posted an article on pacifism that inspired some debate. As usually happens in this age of sensitive girly-men, one commenter was offended, not by the content of the article, but by Phil’s “cockiness and arrogance”. A commenter going by Habitans in Sicco replied:

"My main problem would be with his seeming cockiness and arrogance – which I’d also noticed previously while listening to a CD of one of his sermons"

Not to mention his supposed "sense of humor," which is clearly a violation of the beatitude that blesses those who mourn.

And while we're at it, his preaching voice really bugs me, too. It gets all shrill and high-pitched when he stresses a point. What's he doing stressing a point in the first place? It just reinforces the whole cocky-and-arrogant thing.

Phil Johnson is clearly an offense to everything currently in style.


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