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To-may-to, To-mah-to

In an article entitled Open Theism in Action, Tim Challies comments on the heresy of Tony “The Communist” Campolo. Campolo has written, in an article entitled Katrina: Not God's Wrath--or His Will, that

Perhaps we would do well to listen to the likes of Rabbi Harold Kushner, who contends that God is not really as powerful as we have claimed. Nowhere in the Hebrew Scriptures does it say that God is omnipotent. Kushner points out that omnipotence is a Greek philosophical concept, but it is not in his Bible. Instead, the Hebrew Bible contends that God is mighty. That means that God is a greater force in the universe than all the other forces combined.

One of Tim’s commenters has disagreed that this is Open Theism. He wrote,

Nowhere in the article did Campolo aver that God did not have exhaustive definite foreknowledge of future events.

We can criticize him for his logical inconsistencies and biblical deviations from the idea of sovereignty, but there wasn't any "openness" argumentation here.

Maybe he is right. Maybe Campolo is not presenting Open Theism in this case (although he has elsewhere), but is the end not the same, or even worse? The god of Open Theism has limited knowledge of future events, and therefore, even if he is omnipotent, he has limited ability to control future events. If anything, Campolo’s god is even more impotent than the Open Theist’s god. Campolo’s god can’t even control events when he has advance knowledge of them.

No matter what you call it, Tim’s conclusion is correct:

This it outright, blatant heresy. It is unbiblical and dangerous. Avoid this man and his teaching!

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