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Far too much wavelength on Christian weblogs is used on apologetics and current issues. It’s not that apologetics and current issues aren’t important or worthy of our attention, but they deal with the branches of the tree, which is the Church, and not the roots. Feed the roots properly, and the branches will require pruning; starve the roots, and the branches will die, leaving an ugly stump that no amount of pruning can restore to life. I’m thankful for the pruners, and I do not wish for them to stop; but life is found in the nutrients produced by those who teach the Bible. Today, I want to draw special attention to a couple of those on my blogroll who are feeding the roots.

Mark Loughridge of 3:17 is an Irish pastor whose Bible teaching has been a great blessing to me. His last two posts have been on Elisha.
Introducing Elisha - 1 Kings 19
Sabbath Sermon - Where is the Lord, the God of Elijah?

Reynaldo Reynoso of The Bible Archive is the token non-Reformed blogger on the roll. Still, I agree with him more often than I disagree. His love of Scripture and solid hermeneutics make him a brother whom I would gladly break bread with. Today he has posted another installment in his study of Romans.
XXII-Romans: Mercy vs. Harden

I pray that God will bless these brothers in their study and teaching of the Word.

2005-09-21 at 12:30 PM MT | |

Blogger Mark Loughridge sayth,

Thanks for the link - glad to know that someone out there has been reading the extremely long post on Elisha!

9/22/2005 6:39 PM