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Pre-Saturday Stupidity

This one is so bad that it failed to make the cut for a Saturday Stupidity post, but it’s relevance to current trends made it impossible to pass up. So, if you don’t find it funny, just pretend it’s not a joke. Who knows? Maybe it’s not.

Of course you’ve heard of all the nonsense being perpetrated by the Fad-driven® Church: everything from shallow story-telling from the pulpit, if there is a pulpit, to mud wrestling. A local church has recently installed exercise equipment in the sanctuary. Members may now peddle exercise bikes, pull on rowing machines, or jog on treadmills while listening to a sermon on a video screen. They call themselves “The God & Run Club.”

2005-09-22 at 11:42 AM MT | |

Blogger Daniel sayth,

Perhaps a more fitting name would have been:

The "thin sheep" club - but perhaps that is too subtle...

9/22/2005 7:23 PM