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Lord’s Day 36

I reioyced, when they sayd to me, We wil go into the house of the Lord. Psalms 122:1, (Geneva Bible)

HYMN 1, L.M.
The Lord’s supper instituted. (1 Corinthians 11:23

Twas on that dark, that doleful night
When powers of earth and hell arose
Against the Son of God's delight,
And friends betrayed him to his foes:

Before the mournful scene began,
He took the bread, and blessed, and brake:
What love through all his actions ran!
What wondrous words of grace he spake!

“This is my body, broke for sin;
Receive and eat the living food:”
Then took the cup, and blessed the wine;
“’Tis the new cov’nant in my blood.”

[For us his flesh with nails was torn,
He bore the scourge, he felt the thorn;
And justice poured upon his head
Its heavy vengeance in our stead.

For us his vital blood was spilt,
To buy the pardon of our guilt,
When, for black crimes of biggest size,
He gave his soul a sacrifice.]

“Do this,” he cried, “till time shall end,
In memory of your dying Friend;
Meet at my table, and record
The love of your departed Lord.”

[Jesus, thy feast we celebrate,
We show thy death, we sing thy name,
Till thou return, and we shall eat
The marriage supper of the Lamb.]

From The Psalms and Hymns of Isaac Watts. Hymns. Book III. Prepared for the Lord’s Supper.

Psalme 97 (Geneva Bible)

1 The Lord reigneth: let the earth reioyce: let the multitude of the yles be glad.
2 Cloudes and darkenes are round about him: righteousnesse and iudgement are the foundation of his throne.
3 There shall goe a fire before him, & burne vp his enemies round about.
4 His lightnings gaue light vnto the worlde: the earth sawe it and was afraide.
5 The mountaines melted like waxe at the presence of the Lord, at the presence of the Lord of the whole earth.
6 The heauens declare his righteousnes, and all the people see his glory.
7 Confounded be all they that serue grauen images, and that glory in idoles: worship him all ye gods.
8 Zion heard of it, and was glad: and the daughters of Iudah reioyced, because of thy iudgements, O Lord.
9 For thou, Lorde, art most High aboue all the earth: thou art much exalted aboue all gods.
10 Ye that loue the Lord, hate euill: he preserueth the soules of his Saints: hee will deliuer them from the hand of the wicked.
11 Light is sowen for the righteous, and ioy for the vpright in heart.
12 Reioyce ye righteous in the Lord, and giue thankes for his holy remembrance.

Today’s exposition is brought to us by
Charles Spurgeon

Psalm 97:4-6

Verse 4
His lightnings enlightened the world.” In times of tempest the whole of nature is lighted up with a lurid glare, even the light of the sun itself seems dim compared with the blaze of lightning. If such are the common lights of nature what must be the glories of the Godhead itself? When God draws aside the curtain for a moment how astonished are the nations, the light compels them to cover their eyes and bow their heads in solemn awe. Jesus in the gospel lights up the earth with such a blaze of truth and grace as was never seen or even imagined before. In apostolic times the word flashed from one end of the heavens to the other, no part of the eivilised globe was left unilluminated. “The earth saw, and trembled.” In God's presence the solid earth quakes, astonished by his glory it is convulsed with fear. To the advent of our Lord and the setting up of his kingdom among men these words are also most applicable; nothing ever caused such a shaking and commotion as the proclamation of the gospel, nothing was more majestic than its course, it turned the world upside down, levelled the mountains, and filled up the valleys. Jesus came, he saw, he conquered. When the Holy Ghost rested upon his servants their course was like that of a mighty storm, the truth flashed with the force and speed of a thunderbolt, and philosophers and priests, princes and people were utterly confounded, and altogether powerless to withstand it. It shall be so again. Faith even now sets the world on fire, and rocks the nations to and fro.

Verse 5
The hills melted like wax at the presence of the Lord.” Inanimate nature knows its Creator, and worships him in its own fashion. States and kingdoms which stand out upon the world like mountains are utterly dissolved when he decrees their end. Systems as ancient and firmly-rooted as the hills pass away when he does but look upon them. In the Pentecostal era, and its subsequent age, this was seen on all hands, heathenism yielded at the glance of Jehovah Jesus, and the tyrannies based upon it dissolved like melted wax. “At the presence of the Lord of the whole earth.” His dominion is universal, and his power is everywhere felt. Men cannot move the hills, with difficulty do they climb them, with incredible toil do they pierce their way through their fastnesses, but it is not so with the Lord, his presence makes a clear pathway, obstacles disappear, a highway is made, and that not by his hand as though it cost him pains, but by his mere presence, for power goes forth from him with a word or a glance. O for the presence of the Lord after this sort with his church at this hour! It is our one and only need. With it the mountains of difficulty would flee away, and all obstacles would disappear. O that thou wouldest rend the heavens and come down, that the mountains might flow down at thy presence, O Lord.

In the little world of our nature the presence of Jesus in reigning power is as a fire to consume our lusts and melt our souls to obedience. Sometimes we doubt the presence of the Lord within, for he is concealed with clouds, but we are again assured that he is within us when his light shines in and fills us with holy fear, while at the same time the warmth of grace softens us to penitence, resignation and obedience, even as wax becomes soft in the presence of fire.

Verse 6
The heavens declare his righteousness.” It is as conspicuous as if written across the skies, both the celestial and the terrestrial globes shine in its light. It is the manner of the inspired poets to picture the whole creation as in sympathy with the glory of God, and indeed it is not mere poetry, for a great truth underlies it, the whole creation has been made to groan through man's sin, and it is yet to share in the joy of his restoration. “And all the people see his glory.” The glorious gospel became so well known and widely promulgated, that it seemed to be proclaimed by every star, and published by the very skies themselves, therefore all races of men became acquainted with it, and were made to see the exceeding glory of the grace of God which is resplendent therein. May it come to pass ere long that, by a revival of the old missionary ardour, the glad tidings may yet be carried to every tribe of Adam's race, and once again all flesh may see the glory of Jehovah. It must be so, therefore let us rejoice before the Lord.

Heidelberg Catechism for Lord's Day 36 from CoffeeSwirls.

Grace and peace to you this Lord’s Day.

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