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Links, 09-15-2005

There is obviously no limit to the nonsense the Fad-driven© Church will pull. (HT FIDE-O)

“Traditionally, the church has started with the Bible and tried to figure out how it applies to culture,” Detweiler said. “Instead, we're starting with the culture and then trying to figure out how it helps us understand our Bible.” full article

Can you say eis-e-ge-sis?

Mark Loughridge has posted an introduction to a study he is doing at his church on Elisha. I am interested in seeing where this will lead, as Mark is one who heeds well the admonition to “Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”
Introducing Elisha - 1 Kings 19

Here’s a little more truth on New Orleans from Thomas Sowell:

Meanwhile, laws prevent the federal government from coming in without the permission or a request from state or local authorities. Unfortunately, the mayor of New Orleans and the governor of Louisiana are of a different party than President Bush, which may have something to do with their initial reluctance to have him come in and get political credit.
Continue reading FEMA versus Wal-Mart

A few weeks ago, Tim Challies reported on the suppression of Greg Stielstra’s book, Pyromarketing. Rick Warren has finally answered the charge with a denial – sort of. Tim translates Warren’s statement fairly well:

In his letter to Christian Retailing, Rick Warren flatly denies that he opposed the publication of PyroMarketing. "'Publisher's Weekly' mistakenly reported that I oppose the publication of a book by Greg Stielstra. That is flatly untrue," he said. Yet he goes on to say, "My request to Harper Collins was simply that Greg's forthcoming book not use "The Purpose Driven Life" as example of "pyromarketing," since that would be inaccurate." It seems to me that Warren says, "I did not oppose the publication of the book. But the reason I opposed the publication of the book was..." Little wonder that people are beginning to accuse Warren of Clintonesque speech.
Continue reading Purposful Interference - An Update

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