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Links, 08-22-2005

Two articles that you must read today:

Whenever I read an article by Ron Gleason, I feel as though I have had a bucket of ice-cold honesty dumped over my head (so unlike the luke-warm oatmeal-bath feeling I get from the Po-mos). Gleason holds nothing back for the sake of sensitive feelings. In his highly refreshing style, he demonstrates what the ECM constantly cries for, but can't quite define: authenticity.

I must confess that I remain at a loss as what it means to "worship God in authentic ways." This is merely another in a long litany of vague terms that the ECM bandies about. What constitutes "authentic" worship of God other than worshipping him in the manner he says? Do I have to have had HIV/AIDS before my worship is authentic? What about marital infidelity? Would that make my worship authentic? What about if I'm a pedophile? What makes a person a real person? Why won't someone from the ECM step up to the plate and not whine, but give a definition of precisely what qualifies as authentic, bona fide worship?
The Death Knell for the Emergent Church Movement (IV)

Battle axe-wielding historian Jeff Lacher brings us an inspiring story of conversion, forgiveness, an reconciliation.

The date was December 7, 1941. At 7:49 a.m. Commander Mitsuo Fuchida, led a fleet of 360 Japanese fighter planes through the billowy clouds high above Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. He had one thought in mind—cripple the American enemy. As Fuchida and his forces zeroed in on the peaceful harbor, the commander reached for his microphone, smiled, and ordered, "All squadrons, plunge in to attack!"
Enemies & Conversions

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