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Links, 08-09-2005

Doug McHone continues his series on church growth with a new installment. I don't know what future installments will bring, if there are any, but I predict this will be the most important.
Church Growth… The Biblical Way: Biblical Literacy

From the pen of Albert Mohler:

The anemia of evangelical worship--all the music and energy aside--is directly attributable to the absence of genuine expository preaching. Such preaching would confront the congregation with nothing less than the living and active word of God. That confrontation will shape the congregation as the Holy Spirit accompanies the word, opens eyes, and applies that word to human hearts.
Expository Preaching and the Recovery of Worship (Part One)

Jeff Lacher has labeled James Dobson as a heretic for his political activism. While I certainly agree that Dobson's view of Christian political involvement is wrong, and damaging to the Church, I'm not so sure it is heresy. However, I would tie him to the stake for psychoheresy. How about that, Jeff? Is there an article in the series on that? Anyway, I completely agree with the substance of today's article, if not the terminology.
…And we shall reign! – Political Activism Heresy

Thomas Sowell has more truth to tell about Hiroshima:

The guilt-mongers have twisted the facts of history beyond recognition in order to say that it was unnecessary to drop those atomic bombs. Japan was going to lose the war anyway, they say. What they don't say is -- at what price in American lives? Or even in Japanese lives?
Trashing our history; Hiroshima

2005-08-09 at 12:44 PM MT | |

Blogger Weary Crusader sayth,


As a rule, when I speak of heresy, I am defining it as any doctrine, practice, point of view or belief system that distorts God’s truth and/or elevates man’s wisdom to a position of authority over God’s. I accept that this is not the purist’s definition of heresy.

All along the Christian time line there have been many heretics…well beyond the likes of Marcion and Arius. It could be quite effectively argued that Hus was heretical due to his Arminian views, or that even in more modern times D.L. Moody and his dispensational views were heresy.

As my definition applies to modern heresy, perhaps it is not so much the error as it is the ramifications of the error. In the case against Dobson and all who would politicize Christianity the price tag is far too high to simply allow it to ‘slip by unnoticed’.

If we agree in content but not in terminology, then I will attribute this to simple semantics. Thanks for the link and the words…

Always forward,


8/09/2005 1:38 PM  
Blogger Loki Odinsson sayth,

I guess I'm not sure what the formal definition of heresy is, so maybe I spoke too quickly. I have always thought of anything that denies, explicitely or implicitely, any of the Reformation solas, which is why I mentioned Psychoheresy, as I see it contradicting sola Scriptura, as well as original sin. By that standard, perhaps I need to rethink my original statement on political activism, too.

You are definitely right, we should not let it slip by unnoticed.

8/09/2005 1:55 PM