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Lord's Day 31, 2005

I reioyced, when they sayd to me, We wil go into the house of the Lord. (Psalms 122:1, Geneva Bible)

The Trinity


Heavenly Father, blessed Son, eternal Spirit,
  • I adore thee as one Being, one Essence, one God in three distinct persons,
    • for bringing sinners to thy knowledge and to thy kingdom.

O Father, thou hast loved me and sent Jesus to redeem me;

O Jesus, thou hast loved me and assumed my nature,
  • shed thine own blood to wash away my sins,
  • wrought righteousness to cover my unworthiness;

O Holy Spirit, thou hast loved me and entered my heart, implanted there eternal life,
  • revealed to me the glories of Jesus.

Three Persons and one God, I bless and praise thee,
  • for love so unmerited, so unspeakable,
  • so wondrous, so mighty to save the lost and raise them to glory.

O Father, I thank thee that in the fullness of grace thou hast
  • given me to Jesus, to be his sheep, jewel, and portion;

O Jesus, I thank thee that in the fullness of grace thou hast
  • accepted, espoused, and bound me;

O Holy Spirit, I thank thee that in the fullness of grace thou hast
  • exhibited Jesus as my salvation,
  • implanted faith within me,
  • subdued my stubborn heart,
  • made me one with him forever.

O Father, thou art enthroned to hear my prayers,

O Jesus, thy hand is outstretched to take my petitions,

O Holy Spirit, thou art willing to help my infirmities, to show my need,
  • to supply words, to pray with me,
  • to strengthen me that I faint not in supplication.

O Triune God, who commendeth the universe,
  • thou hast commanded me to ask for those things that concern thy kingdom and my soul.

Let me live and pray as one baptized into the threefold Name.

The Trinity taken from The Valley of Vision - A Collection of Puritan Prayers & Devotions, Arthur Bennett, editor. ©The Banner of Truth Trust 1975, 2002

Psalme 62 (Geneva Bible)
To the excellent musician Ieduthun. A Psalme of Dauid.

1 Yet my soule keepeth silence vnto God: of him commeth my saluation.
2 Yet he is my strength and my saluation, and my defence: therefore I shall not much be mooued.
3 How long wil ye imagine mischiefe against a man? ye shalbe all slaine: ye shalbe as a bowed wall, or as a wall shaken.
4 Yet they consult to cast him downe from his dignitie: their delight is in lies, they blesse with their mouthes, but curse with their hearts. Selah.
5 Yet my soule keepe thou silence vnto God: for mine hope is in him.
6 Yet is hee my strength, and my saluation, and my defence: therefore I shall not be mooued.
7 In God is my saluation and my glory, the rocke of my strength: in God is my trust.
8 Trust in him alway, ye people: powre out your hearts before him, for God is our hope. Selah.
9 Yet the children of men are vanitie, the chiefe men are lies: to lay them vpon a balance they are altogether lighter then vanitie.
10 Trust not in oppression nor in robberie: be not vaine: if riches increase, set not your heart thereon.
11 God spake once or twise, I haue heard it, that power belongeth vnto God,
12 And to thee, O Lord, mercie: for thou rewardest euery one according to his worke.

Heidelberg Catechism for Lord's Day 31 from CoffeeSwirls.

Grace and peace to you this Lord's Day.

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