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Lord's Day 28, 2005

I reioyced, when they sayd to me, We wil go into the house of the Lord. (Psalms 122:1, Geneva Bible)

Through All the Changing Scenes of Life

Through all the changing scenes of life,
In trouble and in joy,
The praises of my God shall still
My heart and tongue employ.

Of His deliverance I will boast,
Till all that are distressed
From my example courage take
And soothe their griefs to rest.

O magnify the Lord with me,
With me exalt His Name;
When in distress to Him I called,
He to my rescue came.

Their drooping hearts were soon refreshed,
Who looked to Him for aid;
Desired success in every face,
A cheerful air displayed.

“Behold,” they say, “Behold the man
Whom providence relieved;
The man so dangerously beset,
So wondrously retrieved!”

The hosts of God encamp around
The dwellings of the just;
Deliverance He affords to all
Who on His succor trust.

O make but trial of His love;
Experience will decide
How blest are they, and only they,
Who in His truth confide.

Fear Him, ye saints, and you will then
Have nothing else to fear;
Make you His service your delight;
Your wants shall be His care.

While hungry lions lack their prey,
The Lord will food provide
For such as put their trust in Him,
And see their needs supplied.

from A New Ver­sion of the Psalms of Dauid by Na­hum Tate and Ni­cho­las Bra­dy, 1698.

Psalm 41 (Geneva Bible)
To him that excelleth. A Psalme of Dauid.

1 Blessed is he that iudgeth wisely of the poore: the Lord shal deliuer him in ye time of trouble.
2 The Lord will keepe him, and preserue him aliue: he shalbe blessed vpon the earth, and thou wilt not deliuer him vnto the will of his enemies.
3 The Lord wil stregthen him vpon ye bed of sorow: thou hast turned al his bed in his sicknes.
4 Therefore I saide, Lorde haue mercie vpon me: heale my soule, for I haue sinned against thee.
5 Mine enemies speake euill of me, saying, When shall he die, and his name perish?
6 And if hee come to see mee, hee speaketh lies, but his heart heapeth iniquitie within him, and when he commeth foorth, he telleth it.
7 All they that hate me, whisper together against me: euen against me do they imagine mine hurt.
8 A mischiefe is light vpon him, and he that lyeth, shall no more rise.
9 Yea, my familiar friend, whom I trusted, which did eate of my bread, hath lifted vp the heele against me.
10 Therefore, O Lord, haue mercy vpon mee, and raise me vp: so I shall reward them.
11 By this I know that thou fauourest me, because mine enemie doth not triumph against me.
12 And as for me, thou vpholdest me in mine integritie, & doest set me before thy face for euer.
13 Blessed be the Lorde God of Israel worlde without ende. So be it, euen so be it.

The Psalm ends with a doxology. “Blessed be the Lord,” i.e., let him be glorified. The blessing at the beginning from the mouth of God is returned from the mouth of his servant. We cannot add to the Lord's blessedness, but we can pour out our grateful wishes, and these he accepts, as we receive little presents of flowers from children who love us. Jehovah is the personal name of our God. “God of Israel” is his covenant title, and shows his special relation to his elect people. “From everlasting and to everlasting.” The strongest way of expressing endless duration. We die, but the glory of God goes on and on without pause. “Amen and amen.” So let it surely, firmly, and eternally be. Thus the people joined in the Psalm by a double shout of holy affirmation; let us unite in it with all our hearts. This last verse may serve for the prayer of the universal church in all ages, but none can sing it so sweetly as those who have experienced as David did the faithfulness of God in times of extremity. - Charles Spurgeon, The Treasury of David

Heidelberg Catechism for Lord's Day 28 from Coffeeswirls.

Grace and peace to you this Lord's Day.

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