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In History, 07-19

Today in...

1648, The Westminster Larger Catechism was adopted by the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland at Edinburgh. This and the Shorter Catechism have both been in regular use among Presbyterians, Baptists and Congregationalists ever since.

1726, Colonial clergyman Jonathan Edwards, 23, married Sarah Pierpont, 16. Their marriage prospered for over 30 years, before his premature death in 1758. Sarah herself died only six months later, at 48. I am about to begin reading The Freedom of the Will. It has taken me some time to get past the title, which is, in full, An Inquiry into the Modern Prevailing Notions of that Freedom of the Will which Is Supposed to Be Essential to Moral Agency, Virtue and Vice, Reward and Punishment, Praise and Blame. Whew! If he's that long-winded on the title page, what will the book be like? Men who are wiser than I say I must read it, and so I shall.

1814, Samuel Colt, American inventor of the revolver, was born.

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