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Why the Geneva Bible?

You may have noticed my use of the Geneva Bible and thought to yourself, “What is this nut trying to prove?” Well, I'm trying to irritate both the KJVO and W-H people in one fell swoop. No, not really. Seriously...

The Geneva Bible has a rich heritage. In the 1550’s, when Queen “Bloody” Mary was burning reformers at the stake, many reformers, including Miles Coverdale and John Foxe, found refuge in Geneva, Switzerland under the protection of John Calvin and John Knox. There, they produced the Geneva Bible.

The Geneva Bible was the first to use numbered verses. It is the Bible quoted by Shakespeare. It was the first Bible to be brought to America, and it remained more popular than the 1611 KJV for decades.

I don’t use the Geneva as a rule, only for some of my devotional reading. It is a constant reminder to me of the great men to whom we owe so much, and of the grace of God who brought it to pass.

For most of my reading and studying, I use the 1769 KJV and the NKJV MacArthur Study Bible.

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