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News 06-10-2005

I love what people are willing to do for freedom.
Four 'taxi-boat' Cubans get to stay in U.S.

Family members said Diaz was making his third attempt to reach the United States aboard a car converted into a boat.

In 2004, they said he was intercepted on a Buick sedan powering a barge and a decade earlier had to turn back because of electrical problems in a 1947 Buick. continue...

Another blow against parental authority.
State seizes cancer-stricken girl

A cause for concern. Yes, I know I'm paranoid; but the fact that I may be paranoid doesn’t mean they're not out to get me.
Google's long memory stirs privacy concerns

In an era of increased government surveillance, privacy watchdogs worry that Google's vast archive of Internet activity could prove a tempting target for abuse.

…Google logs the numerical IP address of each computer that visits many of its sites, and deposits small bits of code known as "cookies" on users' machines to automatically remember preferences like which language they use, she said. Users can reject cookies if they wish, but some services like Gmail, Google's e-mail, will not work without them.

…ISPs generally don't hold onto such information for more than a month because storage costs and privacy concerns can mount quickly, said Stewart Baker, a Washington lawyer who has represented ISPs in law-enforcement matters.

"If you don't have a reason to keep a bunch of data around, it's probably prudent to get rid of it," he said.

…Most people don't know that a 1986 law gives less protection from government searches to messages more than six months old, said Ari Schwartz, an associate director at the Center for Democracy and Technology.

…"There's really no good reason to hold onto that information for more than a few months," he said. "They seem to think that because their motives are pure that everything is OK and they can operate on a trust basis. History tells us that is not the case." continue...

Get ready for more Borking.
Preparing for a battle Supreme

State's rights? What state's rights?
Chief justice's legacy of federalism fraying

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